INDCOR – COST Action CA18230


The Aim & Challenge

The aim of this COST action is to build a network for the interdisciplinary study of the potential interactive digital narrative has as a means to addressing complexity as a societal challenge by representing, experiencing and comprehending complex phenomena and thus also address the issue of “fake news”.

The challenge therefore is to change IDNs current status from ‘singular achievement’ of a small group of ‘initiated’ practitioners to ‘general practice’ of many media companies. The INDCOR project (Interactive Narrative Design for COmplexity Representations) addresses this challenge by means of a coordinated effort in analysing and generalising design and production methods of stand-out IDN works with a particular focus on the representation of complex issues.

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Inclusivity Policy

The COST Action INDCOR (Interactive Narrative Design for Complexity Representations) is committed to supporting diversity and inclusivity. In consequence, INDCOR has adopted the following policy in the ongoing effort to improve the diversity and inclusivity of the conference.