INDCOR Task Forces

INDCOR Task Forces

Co-Chairs: Vincenzo Lombardo and Yotam Shibolet

Brief description: The goal of this task force is to compile an archive of existing IDN authoring tools, organize them according to taxonomic criteria and design principles, and identify potential methodologies for their testing   
Deliverables and/or projects:
● A report listing IDN authoring tools with short descriptions, divided through a methodology developed in the taskforce into taxonomical groups and through various affordances and characteristics, with links to individual repositories for accessing and testing the tools
● A draft encyclopedia entry for the term IDN authoring tool.
● A strategy for turning this list into an effective online resource maintained by the research community
Contact (email): vincenzo.lombardo AT unito DOT it and yotam.shibolet AT gmail DOT com

Miguel Barreda Ángeles

Brief description: The goal of this task force is to take stock of evaluation methods currently in use for IDN design artefacts (prototypes, goal and process models, wireframes, etc). This will provide an overview of state-of-the-art IDN evaluation practices and help identify conceptual and methodological blind spots in IDN evaluation. Additionally, this will facilitate collaboration between WG1 and WG3 on how to evaluate the success of particular IDN design conventions.

Deliverables and/or projects:
● A scoping review article, to be submitted to a relevant journal/conference on the field

● A report to the Action

Contact (email): m.barredaangeles AT vu DOT nl

Chair: Noam Knoller
Co-chair: Mattia Bellini

Brief description: Our objective is to collect and share models to help the Action conceptualise (1) how to create, analyse, evaluate and critique IDN artefacts that might function as representations of complex phenomena and, in particular, (2) how interacting with such representations might help further the goal of better understanding the represented complex phenomena and advance positive societal outcomes.
Deliverables and/or projects:
● Repository of conceptual models (including of psychological mechanisms)
● List of open questions and gaps
● Internal mini-conference to present and discuss models
● Report to the Action
Contact (email): INDCOR-conceptualmodelsTF AT userly DOT tech