Stakeholders event: A tipping point in Trondheim

Stakeholders event: A tipping point in Trondheim

On 23 and 24 September 2022, INDCOR COST Action organised the First Stakeholder Event to share the first coming results from the network with professionals, NGOs and other agencies of civic society. The event was held at the beautiful Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim (Norway).

Journalism practitioners as well as representatives from NGOs and policymakers got together with INDCOR COST members to exchange knowledge, challenges, and benefit from mutual learning regarding the potential of interactive digital narratives to tackle complex societal issues such as war, climate change, and migration crises.

Meet the stakeholders

A total of eleven key stakeholders were invited to the event, including Dávid Korányi (President of Action for Democracy, policy advisor on sustainable energy at the United Nations and Co-founder of NewsGamer) and Lora Fileva (journalist at Dnevnik, the most renowned independent Bulgarian newsletter) who gave us two interesting keynotes speeches on how the media ecosystem can be improved with the implication of IDNs in different contexts.

Other stakeholders participants were David Llorente (Narrativa.com), Marine Constant (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), Paula Cardoso (Afrolink), Pedro Rojo (Alfanar), Abhinav Chugh (Curator for the World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence platform), Renée van der Nat (School of Journalism-University of Applied Sciences Utrecht) and Andrea Brunello (Science theater practitioner).

The event featured a short “hackathon-like session lead by Cost Member Dimitar Uzunov, in which all participants, divided in small groups, had the chance to obtain first-hand experience of IDN design, its characteristics and its affordances.

This meeting marked a good path to start deeper collaborations outside the Academia. The useful feedback will make and impact on the first White Papers of the INDCOR action for the use of interactive digital narratives to represent complex topics, whose publication are coming soon.

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