ACM International Conference 

Prosocial Interactive Digital Narratives

2nd Special Track at the ACM International Conference on Information Technology for Social Good (GoodIT 2024)

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Narrative plays a central role in communication, comprehension, personality formation and memory of every human being. Interactive digital narrative (IDN) adds computational methods to this basic human cognitive function. Research in IDNs has focused on realizing the combined expressive potential of computational representation and narrative expression, addressing issues of authoring/design, technical/AI-based approaches and evaluation methods. A particular area of interest is the representation of complex issues of societal relevance. Many of these issues expose the limitations of pre-digital representational technologies such as film, video, printed books and newspaper articles. Computational systems provide dynamic relationships, the ability to show the result of many choices and predict particular outcomes. The combination with a narrative approach yields IDN which have the potential to act as representations of complex topics of societal relevance such as global warming and the related energy transition, migration, pandemics, global conflicts, but also personal aspects such as mental health.

Taking advantage of both the benefits of narratives and the benefits of the computation, prosocial interactive digital narratives aim at promoting social behavior by representing these complex issues and making them better understandable to their interactors, but also by offering a safe space for practicing actions and experiencing consequences before applying them in the real world. Developing a deeper and more widespread understanding of the ever-growing complexity of today’s world is crucial as a basis for prosocial discourse, decision-making and concrete actions.


We invite submissions of research papers, practice-based papers, and position papers for the GoodIT Special Track on Prosocial Interactive Digital Narratives. We consider all contributions but we are particularly interested in papers that explore the following topics:


The papers should stay between eight (8) and twelve (12) single-column pages, excluding references, in the new ACM format. Papers with a length disproportionate to their contribution will likely be rejected. Please, check “Submission of Papers” for additional details. Accepted papers will be included in the ACM Digital Library.


Program Committee

Ágnes Karolina Bakk – Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design – Hungary
Jonathan Barbara – Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education – Malta
Mattia Bellini – University of Tartu – Estonia
Joshua Fisher – Ball State University – United States (IN)
Iva Georgieva – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Bulgaria
Lissa Holloway-Attaway – University of Skövde – Sweden
Hartmut Koenitz – Södertörn University – Sweden
Vincenzo Lombardo – University of Turin – Italy
Sandy Louchart – The Glasgow School of Art – United Kingdom
Frank Nack – University of Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Catia Prandi – University of Bologna – Italy
Maria Cecilia Reyes – Universidad del Norte – Colombia
Christian Roth – University of the Arts Utrecht – The Netherlands
Frédéric Seraphine – University of Tokyo – Japan
Cristina Sylla – University of Minho – Portugal
Kuldar Taveter – University of Tartu – Estonia
David Thue – Carleton University – Canada