Call for Virtual Mobility Grantees

Call for Virtual Mobility Grantees


In the frame of COST Virtual Networking Tools, it is open the call for 6 Virtual Mobility grantees that will join the INDCOR’s Virtual Networking Strategy (see below). Successful applicants will work on the evaluation of the networking workflow of the action, and on the development of a networking plan for the next grant period (2021-2022). The deadline for applications is the 27th of September.

The 6 VM grants aim to work on specific areas: 4 VM for Work Groups (1 for each WG), and 2 VM for COST Global Networking (this includes: Onboarding, Stakeholders, Policymakers, and Researchers from NNC and IPC).

Applicants shall submit a proposal to evaluate and improve networking tools on the area in which they are applying. The proposal will be integrated to the VNS strategy and coordinated by the VNS Manager.

The evaluation and design of the strategy will be developed during October and November 2021, and each VM grantee will have a financial contribution of EUR 1500. At the end of the grant period, the Virtual Mobility grantees have 30 days to deliver a report for the action. This Grant Period ends on 31 October 2021.

The work of the VNT team on the analysis and creation of a virtual networking strategy will lead to an academic publication on virtual networking processes.

Who can participate?

  • Applicant(s) are Action participants with a primary affiliation to an institution located in a COST Full or Cooperating Member country or MC Observers from a COST Near Neighbour Country.
  • Applicants that are PhD students or early-career researchers will have a preference.
  • Applicants who are representatives of ITC (inclusiveness target countries as defined by COST) will have preference 

How to apply?

Your application shall be submitted in e-COST and include the following information:

Main objective of the Virtual Mobility Grant: specifying the VM area in relation to the INDCOR VMG strategy (see below)
Working Plan: Description of the collaborative initiative to be implemented.
Plan for Participation: List of participants in the collaborative initiative (short description of their expertise and contribution).
Main expected outputs: results and contribution to the progress towards the MoU objectives (either research coordination and/or capacity building objectives can be tackled) and delivery of the MoU objectives.
Contribution to the COST Action Strategy: How will the Virtual Mobility contribute to the COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy and plans for stakeholder engagement and promoting participation of researchers from NNC and IPC (COST Global Networking) and to the approved virtual networking strategy, if available.

INDCOR Virtual Networking Tools (Strategy pages 3-5) (PDF) / Template for the application (Word) / VM Application User Guide (PDF) / COST Vademecum (PDF)

Once you have prepared the document, log in to your e-COST account, click on the VNT application tab, encode a new application on ‘Apply for grant’, and follow the instructions.

Please direct any inquiries to Maria Cecilia Reyes: mariaceciliareyesr AT gmail DOT com