All what is happening right now at CA18230 – INDCOR in a fast view.


  • INDCOR Meeting, Tbilisi (Georgia), March 14-15, 2024.



  • Task Force AUTHORING TOOLS – Chairs: Vincenzo Lombardo and Yotam Shibolet – Contact: vincenzo.lombardo AT unito DOT it
  • Task Force STATE-OF-THE-ART IDN EVALUATION TOOLS – Chair: Miguel Barreda – Contact: m.barredaangeles AT vu DOT nl
  • Task Force COLLECTING MODELS OF IDS&N AND COMPLEXITY – Chair: Noam Knoller – Contact: INDCOR-conceptualmodelsTF AT userly DOT tech
  • See more info about Task Forces.


  • Peter Makai is the Encyclopedia Review Chair
  • Lissa Holloway-Attaway is the new INDCOR Vice Chair
  • Claudia Silva is the new WG4 Chair
  • Dan Barnard, Marta Pérez-Escolar & María del Mar Grandío-Pérez are the Policymakers Comm Team.


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