ComplexityJam Awards: See the Winners List

ComplexityJam Awards: See the Winners List

We have winners at our ComplexityJam and we are so proud of the level -check the awards presentation-. There are four awards categories: Main Award, Cash Award for Development, Special Award Most Potential for Further Development and Honorary Mention (there was two mentions).

We also thanks to our jury members for their great work (Janet Murray, Odile Limpach, Lindsay Grace, Simon Meek and Szabolcs Jozsa). The five winning teams and projects are as follows:

Main Award: Temp in Charge, by Resul Alici and Burak Karakas.

Why: The jury found this work to be the most complete experience. It directly addresses the question of difficult decisions based on competing information. “Temp in Charge” makes us aware of the complexity of political decision-making in a friendly, easy-to use interface.

Cash Award for Development: The Trial Day, by Eren Çaylak, Sid Chou, Glenn Curtis, Yiting Liu, Dimitra Mavrogonatou and Kirstin McLellan.

Why: The jury in particular liked the trial aspect and its rapid-fired approach that challenges the interactor to make quick decisions. The simple, yet effective graphical depiction of the trial elements considerably added to this experience

Special Award – Most Potential for Further Development: Essential Workers, by Aditya Anupam, Jordan Graves, Colin Stricklin, Kevin Tang, Michael Vogel and Marian Domínguez Mirazo.

Why: The jury was impressed by this entry and how it translates an underlying scientific model into accessible game play. In addition, it raises awareness of “essential workers” – people in important jobs who are too often underpaid and underappreciated. The jury see considerable potential in this concept and looks forward to further iterations of this work.

Honorary Mention: Rawrer, by Olga Chatzifoti and Christina Chrysanthopoulou.

Why: This entry addresses the infodemic through a fantasy world, in which a population of dinosaurs discuss the severity of an impending threat in a manner analogous to the discussion around the COVID19 pandemic. The developers have created an impressive and detailed system for the interactor to explore

Honorary Mention: Rabid, by Ágnes Fábián, Viktória Fehér, Adám Kovács, Rebeka Kovács, Miklós Levente Papp, Noémi Rozsa and Eszter Szabó-Zichy.

Why: This experience has been created with much love for detail and description. The interactor experiences the complexity of decision-making in a friendly environment that could also work for younger audiences.

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